Why join the Virtual CFO Association?

Why join the Virtual CFO Association?

We believe that the better question to ask is “Why wouldn’t you join the Association?”

Our vision is to go ‘all-in’ and build our brand as THE mark of quality in this exciting sector.

So, when your clients ask, “Why you aren’t a member of the VCFO Assoc?”, how will you answer?

The 4 most common objections we get are:

• What do I get for $41 per month?
• I don’t have any time
• Nothing much has been happening of late

Would you please be kind enough to allow us the opportunity to address these below?

VCFO Member Benefits

What do I get for $41 per month

Honestly, this is the best $41 per month you could possibly spend on your business.
Honestly, there aren’t any $41 alternatives that come close.
This gives you all a separate credible platform to showcase your expertise and extend your own sales funnel.
Be part of a collective of elite peers to bounce things off and ask for help.
Synergies of being part of the only elite group with extensive expertise at its’ disposal – whose sole focus is to advance the emerging VCFO sector within the accounting profession.

I don’t have any time
We’re all busy, we all have our own businesses
We all have excuses and doubts
If you make time, you’ll find that it’s worth it.
It is a very modest investment of time anyway
Monthly Zoom meeting (½ hour – 1 hour)
1/4ly breakfast (usually 7 am-8.30 am)
For every piece of content, you create, you can re-purpose and fly up your own flagpole later.
Sharing / Liking other content to extend reach – 5-10 min a week
You’ll waste more time going to a single networking “hollow-coffee catch up”
Tried networking groups of suburban Micro businesses before? – absolutely nothing like them!

Nothing much has been happening of late
Hats off to the founders, but the initial strategy stagnated.
We accept that.
We tried hard, we tried different things.
We move on.
Onwards and upwards
In November 2019, V2 of the Association was hatched
Fresh strategic vision
Fresh talent on the committee
Renewed energy and focus. (we are pumped!)
It’s up to each and every member to make it happen

Everyone needs to assume responsibility to do their part to ensure we operate as a high-performance group
We are all grown-ups
If it’s not working, it’s up to us to work it.

What to do now?
If you would like any more information jump on the What is a Virtual CFO? page and watch the videos

If you feel like this is for you – then jump on the Membership page above and fill out the ‘Apply for membership’ details. One of our guys will promptly be in touch.

The VCFO with Over 400 years of combined industry experience

The VCFO with Over 400 years of combined industry experience

Collectively, amongst our elite Virtual Chief Financial Officer (VCFO) peer network, we have over 400 years of industry experience spread across over 20 industry verticals. We doubt there is another VCFO organisation in the country that can boast that.

After meeting our stringent proficiency criteria members benefit from within 4 key quadrants:
• Best practice forum
• Collaboration with industry or software-specific specialists
• Advocacy or a collective voice to be heard by the professional accounting bodies.
• Promotion through a range of marketing initiatives.

Uptake of Virtual CFO services in the broader business community is steadily growing. VCFO has now also been around long enough to have client advocates and testimonials to vouch for the value provided by having a VCFO. More and more business owners are wanting to engage with a VCFO, whilst more professionals are seeing the huge opportunity that is unfolding and not wanting it to pass by.

The association can’t control new entrants into the sector or weed out those that don’t have the requisite expertise to be doing it properly. To avoid the risk of clients being disappointed, underwhelmed or worse, the VCFO Association vision is to build our brand as the mark of quality in this exciting sector.

We believe there are synergies from coming together as a collective to advance the emerging VCFO sector within the accounting profession, that are far more powerful than fighting it out alone. It also means that the right sort of VCFO starting out can join the Association and ‘never walk alone’, giving them the best chance of succeeding.