Virtual CFO services can be good for both your accounting firm and your clients. However, a lot of firms struggle when trying to get VCFO services ‘off the ground’ and reach scale.

The 3 main problems they face are pricing, scoping and resourcing.

Typically, accounting firms find that clients can be hard to ‘manage’ within the fee. Inevitably these clients ‘chew up’ a disproportionate amount of Partners time, which quickly erodes profit margins and inevitably frustration creeps in on both sides of the relationship.

Here are 4 Reasons for accounting firms to work with Virtual CFO Association members

# 1 – Seasoned Industry Problem solvers

Every industry sector has nuances. CEO’s want strategic partners with experience in change management, who understand the commercial sensitivities and operational efficiencies of their industry. CEO’s need a CFO that can communicate across and exert influence within their management team to implement strategic objectives. If you don’t have the right structure – clients will always go directly to the partner for answers.

# 2 – Make it easy

Find the best available Virtual CFOs in the market within our elite network. Our website is designed to be a one-stop-shop to search by Industry, Name or Location and our strict proficiency criteria give you comfort that all members are at the top of their game. Save yourself the hassle of finding and training inexperienced staff or dealing with staff turnover

# 3 – Better returns

Whether it’s stopping profit margins from being eating away because the partners time hasn’t been costed into a fee or engaging with Association of Virtual CFO’s members under a white label or sub-contract arrangement to ‘package up’ vCFO services at bigger scale, our members will deliver results to your bottom line and allow you to focus on the bigger picture.

# 4 – Risk

If you don’t offer VCFO services and a competitor firm does, you risk losing a client. However, if you do offer VCFO services and fail to meet client expectations, you risk souring a client relationship also. The risk that comes with training staff, only to see them leave to work for a competitor firm for a few extra dollars shouldn’t be underestimated either.

VCFO Association members, whose careers have been forged as in-house CFO’s, have the industry expertise to address your clients pain points and become value adding business partners to enhance your accounting firm’s client relationships.

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