Offering management reporting, forecasting, client advisory board, business coaching, wealth monitoring and miscellaneous other services such as:
consolidating/ranking/special reporting, Xero and accounting system reviews.

Best suited to working with most industries with a turnover between $500 000 and $20M.

As Director of Eastmond Paris Pty Ltd, I have 19 years of accountancy experience (as accountant operating my own C.A firm) as well as past business experience working as management accountant and director of family owned transport and other service businesses.
Having practical, ‘hands on’ business experience in my own SME businesses, I understand the mindset of business owners and I know how challenging it can be to be in business (especially for SME enterprises).
Earlier in my career, I served as accountant in CA practice, and also spent time working in an organisation based in Christchurch, NZ – CSBEC (Christchurch Small Business Enterprise Centre). It was here that I met many other people starting new businesses ‘from scratch’, who were driven by excitement and creative vision, but they often ended up ‘juggling many balls’ and dropping quite a few of them…. that was how I began to understand that businesses thrive when they understand the value of getting expertise in financial forecasting and reporting. As an accountant and business coach, I got a lot of personal satisfaction from helping them make their businesses operate smoothly (and stop dropping those balls!).
Being a Chartered Accountant, my expertise is in financial and strategic planning. I also work with other professionals, such as tax specialist accountants, business valuers, insurance brokers, marketing specialists, to ensure the highest level of service.