Measure – Identify – Manage

I specialise in management and financial reporting, particularly in business growth and reconstruction, using skills acquired through financial roles in both privately held SMEs and multinational corporations (ABB, Westinghouse Electric, Amcor – these big town manufacturing experiences can be applied to businesses of any size).

I have worked in top level roles during both business expansion and contraction in distress, having “lived experience” with GFC-induced insolvency, Administrators, Deed of Company Arrangement, and the subsequent successful path-setting for a large private manufacturer. I have completely turned around an insolvent SME, sorted out disastrous accounting records and incorrect financial reports, and developed useful and clear financial reports and budgets with KPIs.

My deep understanding of cash flow management allows me to produce inclusive and detailed 3-way budgets/forecasts with “what if” spreadsheet modelling skills to determine the impact of event time delays or the introduction of new product lines.