Chris helps business owners solve their cash puzzles  so they can build the business of their dreams !  People dream of running a successful business but at the same time most new businesses fail due to a lack of cash and planning.

This is where KanDo Consult comes in. Chris has spent 25 years working with Medium Size Businesses across Manufacturing, Wholesale and Professional Service industries, running and optimizing their finance teams.

Chris has played a key leadership role across not just finance but Human Resources, I.T systems, Sales  and Work Health and Safety. Mentoring and supporting  start up businesses on their journey to amazing growth and profitability.

Chris brings passion and curiosity to guide your business to success by providing financial information that is simple, clear and ready for your decision making including

  • Financial Reporting & analysis of your key business metrics.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Steam Line your finance procedures and processes that maximise your cash.

But this is just the start – Chris is here to go on a journey with you and your business, become your trusted advisor and help you achieve the business of your dreams !