David Dillon is President of the VCFO Association and CEO of Custodian Backoffice. As well as being a FCA/FCPA/MBA qualified accountant, David is a two-time author with over 30 years of corporate experience across the Maritime, Construction and Road Transport industry verticals.

Custodian Backoffice is a specialist Virtual CFO business, founded in late 2015.  CB work mainly with clients in the $2M-$30M turnover range.

His ‘Profit Metrics’ methodology involves embedding best practice around the 5 pillars of proper financial management, which builds reliability and predictability into the business. It allows owners to anticipate, evaluate and navigate, putting themselves ‘out in front’ of the business, so they can make informed strategic decisions. This allows them to better exploit opportunities, or mitigate if things take a downward turn.

It allows owners to focus on their clients needs, grow and run their businesses.