Lara Wehby founded Well Run after having her first child in 2015, in order to give her more flexibility. She is a Chartered Management Accountant with 18 years’ experience working in industry. Lara loves numbers and data and stands by the motto ‘knowledge is power’. Numbers and data don’t just mean your accounts. They include your sales, pricing, marketing statistics, email flows, sick days, staff turnover and more. All this information can be analysed and used to make better business decisions. When you’re truly knowledgeable about your business, you can unlock new and sustainable growth.

Lara has an ability to simplify complex business problems and bring a unique way of thinking to come up with tailored solutions. Lara then delivers these solutions in a simple and clear manner to key stakeholders and supports businesses in the execution phase.

When not helping businesses unlock their potential, Lara is either spending time with her family or training for her next run. Lara’s priority is her family, resulting in a no-nonsense business model. Lara works hard, quickly and efficiently to minimise your cost and maximise the benefits to your business.