With over 20 year experience helping some of the largest and

renown companies in Australia and overseas improve the way

they manage their finances – from KPMG, Commonwealth Bank

and Qantas, to Leighton, SAB Miller, Jaguar Land Rover and

GlaxoSmithKline – Tim thrives in transforming the financial

function of a businesses.


With time, however, he realised that his real passion lied in

working with small businesses, assisting to establish financial

stability, and potential scale and growth. Covid further

solidified this direction as he realised so many small businesses

would not survive this pandemic. He encountered many that

were under immense financial pressure and stress and he strove

to assist as many as possible by accessing the government’s

economic stimulus for them. The relief on the faces of these

small business owners when he had helped them to stay afloat

and hopefully see the other side of the pandemic was something

he would never forget.


He also saw that many small businesses required help beyond

what traditionally a bookkeeper and an accountant would

offer – they wanted the knowledge (and some, the ongoing

support) to implement better financial habits and to have a

solid financial plan towards their business goals. Someone

that could work as an extension of their team, knowing the ins

and outs of the business and guiding them with a personalised

financial strategy.


So Tim’s mission with the ”The Numbers Guy” became very

clear – he looks to provide just that support. Ultimately, helping

small business owners get to sleep at night thinking about the

things that matter most in life.