Vincent, our principal advisor, is an experienced executive skilled in Corporate and Business Strategies, Working Capital management, budgeting, and forecasting, cashflow management, operational management, Sales and marketing strategies, and HR and HSE management, which allows him to provide expert financial support tailored to your operational needs.

Since the early 2000s, after graduating from a master’s in economics and Management, Vincent has developed his business acumen working in diverse department of a business ranging from sales and marketing, operational, Human resources, and accounting/finance within small, medium, and large enterprises across multiple industries such as manufacturing, ICT, building and construction, and engineering.

After selling his small business based in Western Australia, Vincent specialised in the finance industry and, while becoming a CPA certified professional, Vincent work in Accounting Public Practice, then move back to the commercial arena and climbed the corporate ladder to be a CFO of an engineered steel products manufacturer. Therefore, Vincent’s expertise and understanding of businesses, makes his financial support and advice valuable due to his analysis being tailored to the full scope of your business operational needs.

This business understanding allows Vincent to determine the critical part of a business to value them appropriately.  Finally, by the nature of the industries Vincent has worked in, he has been involved multiple times on Research and Development Tax Incentive claims (R&DTI) and is able to assist you with yours. Outside of work, Vincent is passionate about sports and outdoor activities, and you could easily find him either on the golf course or at the beach kitesurfing and surfing with his family.