What does a traditional bookkeeper and a dinosaur have in common?

Everyone’s talking about using tech automation, right? The predictive text function that finishes typing your email messages for you, the coffee machine that knows when to stop pouring.

But what almost no one understands about using technology automation, is that it can be applied to bookkeeping.

What does a traditional bookkeeper and a dinosaur have in common?

They’re both extinct.

We all know that traditional bookkeepers have supported businesses for years, but they haven’t evolved to keep up with modern advancements, such as automation.. Keeping the same bookkeeping systems will not see your business into the future, it will keep your business at a standstill.

On the flip side, harnessing the power of cloud based technology will reduce salary costs and will give you better financial information in your hands straight away. Switching to a cloud based, virtual CFO Service gives businesses better financial reporting, data and insights straight away.

Engaging a virtual CFO will future proof your business, enabling you to not just to survive but thrive!

Rachael Turner is a member of the Virtual CFO Association.

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