the advantage of being a member of the Virtual CFO Association

Collectively, amongst our elite Virtual Chief Financial Officer (Virtual CFO or VCFO) peer network, we have over 400 years of industry experience spread across over 20 industry verticals. We doubt there is another Virtual CFO organisation in the country that can boast that.

After meeting our stringent proficiency criteria members benefit from within 4 key quadrants:

• Best practice forum
• Collaboration with industry or software-specific specialists
• Advocacy or a collective voice to be heard by the professional accounting bodies.
• Promotion through a range of marketing initiatives.

Uptake of Virtual CFO services in the broader business community is steadily growing. Virtual CFO has now also been around long enough to have client advocates and testimonials to vouch for the value provided by having a Virtual CFO. More and more business owners are wanting to engage with a Virtual CFO, whilst more professionals are seeing the huge opportunity that is unfolding and not wanting it to pass by.

The association can’t control new entrants into the sector or weed out those that don’t have the requisite expertise to be doing it properly. To avoid the risk of clients being disappointed, underwhelmed or worse, the Virtual CFO Association vision is to build our brand as the mark of quality in this exciting sector.

We believe there are synergies from coming together as a collective to advance the emerging Virtual CFO sector within the accounting profession, that are far more powerful than fighting it out alone. It also means that the right sort of Virtual CFO starting out can join the Association and ‘never walk alone’, giving them the best chance of succeeding.