What is the Virtual CFO Association ?

Collectively, amongst our elite peer network we have almost 500 years of industry experience spread across over 20 industry verticals.

This gives our members a very compelling point of difference in the market and we doubt there is another VCFO organisation in the country that can match our capability and capacity.

The synergies from drawing from this elite pool of expertise brings confidence to members. Confidence in knowing that when they visit a client, they have this amazing resource to tap in to. It allows members to bring in industry specific knowledge, or software familiarity to match a particular client’s needs. It allows members to quickly bring in pre-qualified capacity to larger project, or at the start of a ‘clean-up’ and on-boarding process.

It also brings comfort to clients. Comfort from knowing that there is substance backing up their Virtual CFO. Knowing their Virtual CFO won’t get swamped, or if they get run over by a bus, there will be continuity for the client.

Uptake of Virtual CFO services in the broader business community is steadily growing. Don’t just take our word for it. Virtual CFO has now also been around long enough to have client advocates and testimonials to vouch for the enormous value provided by having a Virtual CFO.  More and more business owners are wanting to engage with a Virtual CFO, whilst more professionals are seeing the huge opportunity that is unfolding and not wanting it to pass by.

The association can’t control new entrants into the sector or weed out those that don’t have the requisite expertise to be doing it properly. To avoid the risk of clients being disappointed, underwhelmed or worse, the Virtual CFO Association vision is to build our brand as the mark of quality in this exciting sector.

We believe there are powerful synergies from coming together as a collective, that are far more powerful than fighting it out alone. The Association of Virtual CFO’s is the only group with the sole focus of advancing the emerging Virtual CFO sector within the accounting profession. It means that the right sort of Virtual CFO starting out can join the Association and ‘never walk alone’, giving them the best chance of succeeding.

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